Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was digging through my ... ahem... overloaded... closet and found a wonderful tin box I have had for... well... won't say how long.  (I am seriously nuts about tin boxes!)  I opened the lid and, oh my, fell back in time to childhood. This is what I pulled out.

I found four embroidery blocks with the pattern and an old needle card! I did these when I was still a child... I loved embroidery even back then.  I remember pressing the pattern and choosing the colors and spending h.o.u.r.s stitching these blocks!

I am not sure why I set them aside... maybe I thought they weren't really that good or they were too small for potholders. But I kept them all these years, hidden away in that wonderful tin box, taking them out occasionally and reminiscing.  Today I've decided I want to do something with them. Maybe I'll add ric-rac and frame them? Put them on an old-fashioned apron as pockets?  Maybe put them in a quilt with my collection of old hankies? 
hm... I need to sit with a cup of tea and think about it. What a fun new project to think about!

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